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Antonis Arvanitakis

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Antonis Arvanitakis
PhD Student
Office: 2.2.19
Phone: (+30) 210772-2420, -2964
Fax: (+30) 210772-3397
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Antonis Arvanitakis has been responsible for large and complex industrial, private and public sector infrastructure projects. During his career he has successfully managed multi-disciplined technical teams towards successful project deliveries, across diverse engineering applications. Working for over a decade he gained extensive experience in safety-critical applications, automation, data collection and network installations.

His responsibilities included compliance with the intended results, codes, regulations and standards, developing options and actions to enhance opportunities and mitigate the potential impact of risk to project costs and schedule.

His research interests lie in Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the filed of Robotics and he is currently working in the MOBOT project. He received his Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from the Mechanical Engineering School of the University of Patras in 1999 and his thesis was about Computational Combustion.


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