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ERTnews shows Robotic Systems at NTUA ECE Labs IRAL & CVSP

Τhe following two links show video-demos broadcasted recently by ERT (ERTnews & ERTFLIX), as part of its education reportage, for two robotics systems at the NTUA ECE Labs IRAL and CVSP, developed in collaboration with other teams for: 1) Assistive Robotics (i-Walk: Intelligent Robotic Walker for mobility and cognitive assistance of elderly and motor-impaired people), and 2) Social Robotics (BabyRobot: Child-Robot Communication and Collaboration):

1) Assistive Robotics: i-Walk
Video link:
Date shown by ERTnews: 09 Feb 2023
Related paper and Research project

2) Social Robotics: BabyRobot
Video link:
Date shown by ERTnews: 27 Oct 2022
Related paper and Research project


PhD Positions at IRAL-CVSP with Research Funding 2022-2023
Please see the following file for more information: PhD Positions at IRAL-CVSP 2022-23


We are pleased to announce that the following paper, published at the top conference on computer vision and machine learning CVPR by a team at the ECE-NTUA Lab IRAL-CVSP, was distinguished among the CVPR-2022 Best Paper Finalists:

Foivos Paraperas-Papantoniou, Panagiotis P. Filntisis, Petros Maragos and Anastasios Roussos, “Neural Emotion Director: Speech-preserving semantic control of facial expressions in “in-the-wild” videos”, Proc. 2022 IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, New Orleans, USA, June 2022.

The paper and its presentation can be found here:


PhD Positions at CVSP with Research Funding
Please see the following file for more information: TROGEMAL PhD Positions at CVSP


Newspaper article in Kathimerini "NTUA's Robots are Here" / "Τα ρομπότ του ΕΜΠ είναι εδώ" (in greek)


"Multisensory Video Processing and Learning for Human-Robot Interaction"

Tutorial on “Multisensory Video Processing and Learning for Human-Robot Interaction”
Presenters: P. Maragos and P. Koutras
IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP-2018)
Taipei, Taiwan, Sep. 22nd 2019



"Multimodal Speech and Audio Processing in Audio-Visual Human-Robot Interaction"

Tutorial on “Multimodal Speech and Audio Processing in Audio-Visual Human-Robot Interaction”
Presenters: P. Maragos and A. Zlatintsi
Interspeech 2018
Hyderabad, India, Sep. 2nd 2018


"Satellite Event: Summer School on Speech Signal Processing (S4P) 2018"

Institute of Information and Communication Technology (DA-IICT) Gandhinagar, India
Presenter: P. Maragos
Interspeech 2018
Gandhinagar, India, 9-11 Sep. 2018



"Multimodal Signal Processing, Saliency and Summarization"

Tutorial on “Multimodal Signal Processing, Saliency and Summarization”
Presenters: P. Maragos, A. Potamianos, A. Zlatintsi and P. Koutras
IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and SIgnal Processing (ICASSP-2017)
New Orleans, LA, USA, March 2017



P. Maragos gave an inivited seminar at the University of Pennsylvania, GRASP Lab, Philadelphia, 05 Oct. 2012, on "Morphological and Variational Methods in Image Analysis and Vision".


P. Maragos gave an invited talk at the FIRST Workshop on Image Processing in Jerusalem, Israel, 13 Sep. 2012, on "Sign Language Recognition".


CVSP Members V. Pitsikalis, S. Theodorakis and P. Maragos with AthenaRC-ILSP Collaborator C. Vogler are co-recipients of the Best Paper Award at the IEEE CVPR-2011 Workshop on Gesture Recognition (Colorado Springs, USA, June 2011), for the paper "Advances in Phonetics-based Sub-Unit Modeling for Transcription Alignment and Sign Language Recognition", co-authored by V. Pitsikalis, S. Theodorakis, C. Vogler and P. Maragos.


P. Maragos gave a Keynote Talk on "Multimodal Information Processing and Fusion" at the International Gesture Workshop (GW-2011), Athens, May 2011.
CVSP Members I. Rodomagoulakis and S. Theodorakis presented two papers at GW-2011.


P. Maragos co-organized the Dagstuhl seminar on "Innovations for Shape Analysis: Models and Algorithms", , 03-08 April 2011.


A. Roussos PhD Thesis Defence.
Title: Nonlinear Diffusion in Computer Vision and Statistical Shape Models With Applications to Analysis of Articulator Images of Spoken and Sign Language.
Date: 6-Oct-2010


P. Maragos was Program CoChair of the European Conf. on Computer Vision (ECCV-2010) in Hersonissos, Crete, Sep.5-11, 2010, and co-organized its Workshop on Sign, Gesture and Activity, 11 Sep. 2010.


P. Maragos was elected Fellow of the European Association for Signal Processing (EURASIP) for his research contributions and gave an inaugural lecture on "Multimodal Signal Processing and Multidimensional Integration" at EUSIPCO-2010, in Aalborg, Denmark, on 28-08-2010.


NTUA-CVSP co-organized a Workshop on the Representation and Processing of Sign Languages: Corpora and Sign Language Technologies , in Malta, May 22-23, 2010, as part of the LREC-2010 Int'l Conf.


Announcement: "Diploma Thesis in CV" with "Opportunity for a Diploma Thesis in Computer Vision at Ecole Centrale Paris"


S. Leukimiatis PhD thesis defense.
Title: Statistical Signal and Image Processing for Optimal Denoising and Detection with Applications to Satellite Data.
Date: 18-Dec-2009, 14.30


P. Maragos received an Honorary Diploma from the 3rd Forum of Dodecanese Diaspora, Rhodes, Greece, 1-2 Aug. 2009.


1st Greek Signal Processing Jam
EURASIP and the IEEE/SPS organizes the first Greek Signal Processing Jam with many invited speakers.
Date: 17-Oct-2009, 9.30-17.30
Place: University of Athens, New Amphitheater, Propylea, Athens.

1st Greek Signal Processing Jam

PENED03-ED865, Workshop on Digital Cultural Heritage Technologies with Applications at the Pre-Historic Settlement of Akrotiri-Thera[Workshop Program]
PENED03-ED865 Workshop on Digital Technologies applied to cultural heritage applications, focused on Akrotiri, Thera. [Workshop page]
Date: 25-Sept-2009
Place: NTUA Multimedia Amphitheater, Central Library, NTUA Zografou Campus.


G. Papandreou PhD thesis defense.
Title: Image Analysis and Computer Vision: Theory and Applications in the Restoration of Ancient Wallpaintings.
Date: 22-July-2009, 14.00

A. Katsamanis PhD thesis defense.
Title: Nonlinear Computational Speech Modeling with Elements of Aerodynamics of the Vocal Tract.
Date: 14-July-2009, 15.30


PENED03-ED554,Workshop on Space Telecom & Image/Signal Processing
[Workshop Program]
PENED03-ED554 Workshop on Novel Methods for Transmission, Reception and Analysis of Space-Satellite Signals and Images
Date: 26-Juny-2009
Place: NTUA Library, Multimedia Amphitheater,Zografou Campus.
CVSP Speaker: S. Lefkimmiatis, "Bayesian Multiscale Methods for Photon-Limited Image Denoising".
CVSP Speaker: A. Roussos, "Diffusion Partial Differential Equations for Image Enhancement".



P. Maragos received the 2007 European Signal Processing Association's (EURASIP) Technical Achievements Award "for contributions to Nonlinear Signal Processing and Systems Theory, Image Processing, and Speech Processing" at the EUSIPCO-07 Conference, Poznan, Poland, 3-7 Sep. 2007.


Tasos Roussos received two Student Best Paper Awards:

  • from the First Panhellenic E.C.E. Student Conference, Athens, Greece, May 2007, and

  • from the First International Conference on Scale Space and Variational Methods in Computer Vision, Ischia, Italy, 30 May - 2 June 2007,
for the paper:
A. Roussos and P. Maragos,"Vector-Valued Image Interpolation by an Anisotropic Diffusion-Projection PDE", Proceedings of SSVM-2007.


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