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(general topic areas)

Computer Vision
  • Multiscale and Multiresolution Nonlinear Filtering

  • Color, Shape, Texture, Motion

  • Segmentation, Stereopsis, Object Recognition

  • Geometric PDEs, Active Contours, Level Sets, Lattices, Morphology

  • Graphical Models, Statistical Models

Audio, Speech and Language Processing
  • Nonlinear Speech Modeling and Auditory Processing

  • Automatic Speech Recognition and Synthesis

  • Language Modeling

  • Digital Music Processing

  • Modulation Models, Statistical Pattern Analysis

Multimodal Signal Processing and Cognitive Systems
  • AudioVisual Analysis and Recognition

  • Multimodal Processing and Sensor Fusion

  • Saliency, Multimodal Event Detection, Movie Summarization

  • Perception and Cognitive Modeling

Signal Processing and Nonlinear Systems
  • Statistical Signal Processing: Detection, Estimation

  • Nonlinear Dynamics: Chaos and Fractals

  • Algebraic Systems for Discrete Event Control

Applications of Computer Vision and/or Speech/Signal Processing
  • Applications in Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics

  • Applications in Biomedicine

  • Applications in Multimedia, Human - Machine/Robot Interaction

  • Applications in Satellite Remote Sensing and Environment

  • Applications in Computer/Communication Networks

  • Applications in Digital Arts and Cultural Heritage

  • Applications in Econometrics

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