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Isidoros Rodomagoulakis

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Isidoros Rodomagoulakis
PhD Student
Office: 2.2.19
Phone: (+30) 210772-2420
Fax: (+30) 210772-3397
E-mail: irodoma@cs
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Isidoros Rodomagoulakis is currently a P.hD. candidate in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department of National University of Greece (NTUA) which is placed in Athens. He was born in 1984 in Athens and studied Electronics and Computer Engineering in Technical University of Crete (TUC), Greece. He graduated in 2008 after completing his diploma thesis in Audio-Visual Automatic Speech Recognition (AV-ASR) which was focused on Feature Extraction in both Audio and Visual Streams and also in Weight Estimation in the Fusion procedure and supervised by Assoc. Prof. Alexandros Potamianos in the Telecommunications Laboratory of TUC.

As a member of CVSP group, his research interest centers on Audio Processing in Multi-Modal Environments and follows the main research directions of the group. Audio Event Detection, Segmentation and Source Separation are considered as some important problems included in the general area of Audio Processing in Multi-Source Audio Scenes of various types of sound ( acoustic, music, speech, environmental, noise). Saliency estimation and perception of an Audio Event consists a special area of investigation. Professor Petros Maragos supervises his work and progress.

Diploma Thesis


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