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Niki Efthymiou

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Niki Efthymiou
PhD Student
Phone: (+30) 210772-1527
Fax: (+30) 210772-3397
E-mail: nefthymiou@central
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I was born in Athens in 1986. I received my Diploma in Applied Mathematics at the School of Applied Mathematical and Physical Science in National Technical University of Athens. My thesis was a numerical study of the performance of ecological composite materials. I obtained my Master degree in Computational Mechanics from the School of Chemical Engineering, NTUA.

I had been working for about a year in Cross-Media relations in multimodal discourse, in the COGNIMUSE project. I am currently a PhD student in the CVSP Group, under the supervision of Prof. Petros Maragos, working in the field of Computer Vision.

Journal Publications

  1. A. Zlatintsi, P. Koutras, G. Evangelopoulos, N. Malandrakis, N. Efthymiou, K. Pastra, A. Potamianos and P. Maragos,
    COGNIMUSE: a multimodal video database annotated with saliency, events, semantics and emotion with application to summarization,
    EURASIP Journal on Image and Video Processing, Aug. 2017, 2017:54.

Conference Publications

  1. N. Efthymiou, P. Koutras, P. P. Filntisis, G. Potamianos, and P. Maragos,
    Multi-view fusion for action recognition in child-robot interaction
    In Proc. IEEE Int'l. Conf. on Image Processing (ICIP-2018), Athens, Greece, Oct. 2018.

  2. J. Hadfield, P. Koutras, N. Efthymiou, G. Potamianos, C.S. Tzafestas, and P. Maragos,
    Object assembly guidance in child-robot interaction using RGB-D based 3D tracking,
    In Proc. IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), Madrid, Spain, Oct. 2018.

  3. A. Tsiami, P. Koutras, N. Efthymiou, P. P. Filntisis, G. Potamianos, and P. Maragos,
    Multi3: Multi-sensory Perception System for Multi-modal Child Interaction with Multiple Robots,
    In Proc. IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA-18), Brisbane, Australia, May 2018.

  4. A. Tsiami, P. P. Filntisis, N. Efthymiou, P. Koutras, G. Potamianos, and P. Maragos,
    Far-Field Audio-Visual Scene Perception Of Multi-Party Human-Robot Interaction for Children and Adults,
    In Proc. IEEE Int. Conf. on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP-18), Calgary, Canada, Apr. 2018.

  5. A. Zlatintsi, P. Koutras, N. Efthymiou, P. Maragos, A. Potamianos and K. Pastra,
    Quality Evaluation of Computational Models for Movie Summatization
    In Proc. 7th Int'l. Workshop on Quality of Multimedia Experience (QoMEX-2015), Costa Navarino, Messinia, Greece, May 2015.


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